Book One, The Eden Conflict Out Now!

The war between good and evil erupted long before mankind ever walked on this Earth. Since Adam took his first steps, Satan and his followers, the demons, have sought to destroy and control the souls of mankind. But the protectors of God’s creation are always close by. Who are they? They are the good and the just, they are the angels and the saints, they are… GOD’S WARRIORS!

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Blogs by Peter in reference to the book series God’s Warriors and Tales of the Angels

Introducing Tales from the Angels

Hello everybody, and welcome to the side series within the God’s Warriors universe, Tales from the Angels! In this series I will be retelling Bible stories from the view and[…]

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Canberra Walk For Refugees

Have you ever felt hopeless about something? Like you know you should do something but have no idea what? That exact situation is what led a friend of mine to[…]

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Fear of God

Fear of God I can remember in my younger days wondering what that meant. Fearing God. I was taught about the unconditional love of God and wondered where fear came[…]

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