Month: August 2015

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Excellent Book Review!

A Christian book reviewer asked me if they could review my book and the result is in. ¬†Click here to read it. Thank you Peter Younghusband for your remarks. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read the book and your fantastic review! Stay tuned as Peter is going to interview me for his…
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Gay Marriage from a Christian Perspective

Wow! What a title! Got your attention? I hope so. This is a controversial enough issue without throwing the Christian part in too but I am going to do it anyway. Well, let me say it’s from my perspective as a Christian and what I would hope would be all Christians perspectives but I know…
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Sale this weekend!

Kindle edition over 70% off Saturday! This weekend I am running a Countdown Promotion in the US and UK stores of Amazon. Starting Saturday, you can get The Eden Conflict for only $0.99, Sunday it will be $1.99 in both stores and $2.99 on Monday for the US store. The price returns to normal in…
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