Month: December 2015

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2016 is Fast Approaching

With 2016 only days away, I thought I’d try to get one more post out here before the year is over. I don’t want to get on my soapbox, it’s too hot to go to that sort of effort today. All I want to do is wish you all a happy new year. Be safe…
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Health Update

Hi everyone! Thanks for the support and prayers over the last week. The report from the doc is that all is well cancer wise. Just some diabetes related issues that I’m not surprised to hear. Anyway, 12 months until he wants to see me again. That’s got to be good right! So, nice Christmas present…
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Personal Updates and Prayer Requests

Hi, It’s that time of year again… and I don’t mean Christmas this time. My Cancer check-up is due in a weeks time and I am having a scan tomorrow to make sure everything is still clear. This is a bit of an anxious time for me. Even though I feel great and haven’t had…
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