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     Book One of God’s Warriors, The Eden Conflict is an action adventure novel with a supernatural and Christian themes.
     So what happens?
     Imagine angels interacting with humans while they go about their day to day activities… and of course the demons with their humans too.  It starts with a man who is lost, his brother is dead and his investigation has found nothing. An angel saves him and accidentally bestows upon him a supernatural gift. Add a reporter and his guardian angel, a slave ring, an international mob boss on the run and a demon who wants to break into Heaven by going through The Garden of Eden and you have The Eden Conflict!
God's Warrior's
Description from the back cover…
     The war between good and evil erupted long before mankind ever walked on this Earth. Since Adam took his first steps, Satan and his followers, the demons, have sought to destroy and control the souls of mankind. But the protectors of God’s creation are always close by. Who are they? They are the good and the just, they are the angels and the saints, they are…GOD’S WARRIORS!
     In the small country town of Eden, Jack leaps off a stone pier, prepared to land in the storm ravaged waters of the bay. Instead he finds himself instantly transported to the Garden of Eden. Jack is returned to Earth by the guardians of the Lord’s garden and into the care of an elderly minister. Unknown to any of them, there was a witness…
     Six months later a guardian angel discovers a new den of demons in a building project in far north Queensland. The den has more than three times the usual number of guards. The angel knows he has found the lair of one of The Seven Deadly Sins, the biggest and nastiest of Satan’s demon forces, his generals. Why are they here? What are they building? Whatever the answers are, Michael, the Captain of the Heavenly Host, needs to know of this place. But before the angel can do anything, his charge, a reporter named Glen is chased from the lair. Can the angel protect Glen, find answers to his questions and still get a message to Michael?

Book One, The Eden Conflict is available in paperback from Lulu and Amazon.  The Kindle (eBook) version is available at Amazon.

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