About Book Two

The home for the book series by Peter Way

Book two is set straight after book one but can be read alone… mostly. I will have a ‘catch-up’ type intro so you can remember/find out what’s occurred in book one.


Do not read any further if you don’t want to know what happened in book one that is linked to book two!

I don’t want to give too much away (mostly cause I haven’t written that far yet and some changes are bound to occur) but here’s what I know so far…

Glen is trying to find out what happened to his friend the minister.

An angelic group led by David are also searching for the minister and his guardian angel.

Jack is back on the trail of his brothers murderers.

An old and deadly organisation is linked to both.

Michael and a group of warriors are given a task by Jesus, to help Itzal train Jack.

An ancient artefact is found in Jerusalem… The Armour of God

The demon, Cain, is plotting his ascension within the demonic ranks.

How do the other demons, and their leader Satan, react to that?

How does this all tie together? You will have to wait for The Spiritual Sword (tentative title) to find out…

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