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The home for the book series by Peter Way

My idea for God’s Warriors is to have a real world sense to it. What I write is what I believe could be happening around us at any moment in time. I have tried to keep as Theologically sound as possible too.  In amongst the ‘present’ events I will be endeavouring to retell Biblical stories from the angels perspectives and have that tie in to the ‘solution’ or the ‘theme’ of the main story.

The term God’s Warriors refers to anyone who stands up and fights the spiritual battle for God.  This obviously refers to angels but it also refers to the believers (often called the saints in the book) who are prayer warriors, fighting against the evil of this world through prayer. With that in mind, we all have the ability to be a God’s Warrior!


Book one is about Creation and Freedom.

Book two is still being written… and I am trying to keep the theme of freedom going considering that there was one plot line left hanging which, well I can’t say to much about that without giving away spoilers to those who haven’t read book one!

Book three and so on… I have ideas, and more ideas… watch this space!

If you want to read some sample from the series, see the About Book One page and About Book Two page.

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