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Introducing Tales from the Angels

Hello everybody, and welcome to the side series within the God’s Warriors universe, Tales from the Angels! In this series I will be retelling Bible stories from the view and involvement of the angels. Most of the stories will be told by Michael or Gabriel but sometimes one of the other angels might tell of…
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Canberra Walk For Refugees

Have you ever felt hopeless about something? Like you know you should do something but have no idea what? That exact situation is what led a friend of mine to walk from Adelaide to Canberra (almost 1,200 kilometres) last year and from Sydney to Canberra (about 310km) this year. What started it all? Imagine, if…
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Marriage Equality

It is once more in the headlines and up for discussion. That’s right, I’m talking about gay marriage. It’s been almost two years since my first post on the subject, Gay Marriage from a Christian Perspective and it’s follow-up post, Hate the sin, not the sinner! Is that right? and I’m a little surprised that this hasn’t been resolved…
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