Daily Bible Devotions

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Daily Bible Devotions

For over 30 years I have tried to do this. There are times that I have had no issue and have performed this inspiring start to the day philemon1_25but it becomes difficult over lengthy periods of time. No matter how much life, whether it be kids, work or other responsibilities, tries to get in the way, I have always found this to be an inspiring and satisfying way to start the day. I have even extended the time by also playing a praise/worship song, praying for friends and family and reading the Bible too. I may manage to keep this going for months, or even a year or more, but eventually something happens that distracts me from my time with God. And equally, no matter how long I miss this practice, God will always find a way to remind me and bring me back to His side.

In the early days of my Christian walk, there wasn’t many options to help perform a daily devotion. jeremiah29_11There was, to my recollection, only two books you could purchase regularly (monthly) to help focus your thoughts – Every Day With Jesus and Daily Bread. I liked them both and swapped around every now and then and even had both at times and did one in the morning and one at night.

With the rise in popularity of the internet, more options became available – Websites and E-Mails. I signed up for a daily e-mail and after about 6 months, I found I wasn’t reading them everyday and had quite a backlog of them. After about a year of trying to keep up, I decided to un-subscribe until I caught up. But I never signed up with that one again.

I then went through a period of just reading the Bible every day, mostly at night but sometimes in the morning too.

I ended up going back to EDWJ because I could get them from my church rather than going in to the city to one of the stores that sold it. This lasted for a few years.  I will admit that I didn’t always get to do it every day but at least I had the book and couldn’t use that as an excuse.

Then I got a smart phone and found an app. Not only could I do a verse a day reading, I could also get a spoken philippians4_11devotion read to me! I used this for about a year before ‘life’ intruded again.

Recently I found a great blog, The River Walk and whenever a new blog is posted, it is emailed to me. It doesn’t arrive daily, but then I don’t read my emails daily either. So it works out.

My point here is this… while I find that spending time with God through performing a morning (or night) devotional is really rewarding, I have no one to blame except myself if I miss it. There are numerous ways to do it these days so I have no excuse.

What is your devotion life like? Do you spend time with God daily or only once a week (at Church)?


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