Introducing Tales from the Angels

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Introducing Tales from the Angels

Hello everybody, and welcome to the side series within the God’s Warriors universe, Tales from the Angels! In this series I will be retelling Bible stories from the view and involvement of the angels. Most of the stories will be told by Michael or Gabriel but sometimes one of the other angels might tell of their experiences. It is like what I did in The Eden Conflict but just the Bible story. There is no need to read The Eden Conflict to know the characters or any events from that book.

The first book, which is almost ready for publishing, is titled “Jesus: The Birth” and has Michael telling of his involvement with the birth of the saviour, Jesus. This includes the announcements by Gabriel of the pending births of John the Baptist and Jesus and includes the accounts of the shepherds and the wise men along with their experiences. It concludes with young Jesus at the temple. This is the tale of the young life of Jesus and those around him, from the pregnancies of Mary and Elizabeth, through the early childhood of Jesus. All of this is set before he becomes an adult and starts his ministry.

I’ve tried to follow the Biblical accounts and researched historical information regarding the timing, Jewish traditions, archaeological finds, distances and travel conditions. It’s quite interesting to learn what conditions were like back then and how people lived.

I have some final editing to do and a cover to create before publishing will be ready. Hopefully these things will not take long and I’ll have this published this year. More news to follow as things continue to come together!


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