Researching the Living Dead

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Researching the Living Dead

I’ve been having ideas this week in relation to book 2 and a side book series based on the recollections of Michael.

Book 2 Update!

I had some ideas about some new characters. Characters who you will know but not in the way that I’m going to use them. They are “the still living” or the “living dead”. I’m talking about Cain and Lazarus specifically although there are others that I might include. I’ve been doing some research in regards to these characters, specifically about people in the Bible that were brought back to life. We talk about Lazarus a lot but there were others that were risen from death, by Jesus and others. I thought they might make for interesting characters but I’m not sure exactly how to use them yet. Cain on the other hand is different. What if part of the curse God put on Cain meant he could not die? He would suffer eternity alive and need to learn to adapt to the new societies. Would he continue to be selfish and pursue a life of evil or would he try to please God so that the curse would be removed? Again, I think this would be an interesting character within this series. I shall think on this and do some more research. Let me know what you think?

The Side Series – Michael’s Journals

Part of the first book that I really loved writing was the retelling of the Bible stories through the angels eyes. In book 1 I had Michael telling Saint Peter about creation and referred to Jonah in a way that might make you imagine what the angels did to help him. So I thought, what if I rewrote other Bible passages as stories of their own? I’ve already started one such story and I could make a few changes and bring it under the God’s Warriors banner! The story I refer to is currently titled The Incarnate Deity. I have a preview of it on here already (click here if you want to have a read of chapter one). My idea is simple, I shall have it as a part of Michael’s Journals. Something that Michael does to help understand the Lord’s will is to write about his (and other angels) experiences. It will be stories that you know from the Bible with a little look at what the angels may have been doing at the same time. I thought I’d start with the birth of our Lord Jesus and work through the Gospels and retell His life. Sound good? The process has already started to unlock other ideas for this and the main series.

I’m excited to be back in my writing seat. While I have done little bits since releasing book 1, it’s nowhere near what I plan for the coming weeks!

God bless!


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