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Prologue One

Then there was war in Heaven. Michael and the Angels under his command fought the dragon and his Angels. And the dragon lost the battle and was forced out of Heaven.

Revelations 12:7-8


The tension was palpable. The traitor had been caught and all of his followers with him. Michael had his captain, Lucifer, in a tight grip with his sword held ready.

The Lamb stepped forward to stand beside the Lord and spoke to Him: “Lord, the Spirit is causing a change in the appearance of all the angels who have rebelled. They will be easily identifiable as demons within minutes.”

“You will never stop me this way, only delay me,” Lucifer hissed, as a shadow appeared to pass over him. It had, however, settled on him, making him appear to be the shadow itself. His light, the “glory” of God, no longer shone through. In every other aspect, he still looked the same. All, that is, except his weapon. That too had lost its glow, its inner light.

“SILENCE!” spoke the Lord. “Your treachery is unprecedented and deserves a punishment of the highest order. You deserve finality for your mutinous ways. But… for the greatness of your past deeds, I will allow some leniency. You are to be thrown down from on high, to the darkest depths of Sheol, where you will be with your own kind: the traitors, the defilers, the false gods, the blasphemers, the liars, the murderers, the adulterers and lustful, the greedy and hateful, and the thieves. You are no longer recognised as a friend of Heaven. You are allowed to enter the Earth. You may petition me from time to time, but you, and your servants, will not be welcome here. You will be known forever after as “the evil one” or Satan, the accuser. Those of your followers that have only been deceitful will have a chance for redemption if they request forgiveness now. If not, they too will be cast out and counted as the fallen ones, along with those who have been marked.” The Lord turned to the deceitful ones and asked, “Do any of you seek forgiveness?”

Lucifer, the evil one, glared at his followers as if to dare any of them to turn traitor on him now. “Be warned,” he said, “I am watching. Betray me and you will be first to feel my revenge.”

Maybe it was the threat and maybe it wasn’t; either way, no one sought forgiveness from the Lord.

Michael sadly looked at Lucifer’s followers and then the angels, who held them in check. Nearly one-third of the Host of Heaven had turned. They were now in the custody of the Lord and the angels who had remained faithful. Many of his friends had been injured during the battle, while trying to subdue the deceivers. How had his captain come to believe that he could lead a rebellion against the Lord of all?

None of the followers had sought forgiveness, as deceit was in their hearts. None felt that they could trust the Lord to forgive, as they wouldn’t have if they were He.

“So be it”, the Lord said. “You will all share the fate of the evil one.”

“We will fight you and turn your deeds against you, Lord,” Lucifer, now known as Satan, sneered as he said the last word, “wherever, and whenever, we can. You have started this war between us. One day, I will defeat you and sit on the throne and rule all. This is not over!”

“No,” replied the Lord calmly, “you are wrong. It was you who started this war, Satan, with your lies and deceit. You will never win. You will never sit on the throne. However, you are right about one thing, we will be enemies until the final day is upon us. Now it is time that you left.” He turned to Michael: “Cast them out, all of them.”

This great dragon — the ancient serpent called the Devil, or Satan, the one deceiving the whole world — was thrown down to the Earth with all his Angels.

Revelations 12:9

Michael pushed Lucifer, the evil one, off the edge of Heaven at the Lord’s command. The Host of Heaven then proceeded to thrust Lucifer’s followers out of Heaven also. Once they were all cast out, the Host of Heaven was diminished by one-third of all the angels it had once held.

Michael looked first at Jesus, the Lamb of God, and then at the Lord of Lords, God Almighty. He could feel the Spirit moving freely through the throng of angels once more. “Lord?” he asked.

“Yes Michael? What troubles you?” the Lord replied.

“Who will lead the Heavenly Host? Do we dare appoint another leader? What if we make the wrong choice?” He paused for a moment. Then, very quietly he continued, “Who will be my captain now?”

The Lord looked out over the entire Host of Heaven, catching the eyes of several of the warriors, the guardians and the messengers. Then He looked back to Michael.

“You led the war against the evil one and your fellow angels followed without question. You shall lead the Host of Heaven now, Michael. You will be captain and I shall be your commander.”

Michael’s jaw dropped, “But Lord, I am not worthy of such a role and I do not seek it for myself.”

“I know. That is why you are the best candidate. Your reluctance and humbleness shows you are the right choice. Your concern for another usurper taking the role shows that you are well suited. You will be a great captain!”

The angels cheered for their new captain and praised the Lord, for they knew that the Lord’s judgement of Michael was just and that there was no better choice among them.

The Lord continued: “Your first task will always be to guard against the evil one for he will keep his promise to upset my plans, whenever he can. In this task you will require help. David, step forward please.”

An angel stepped out of the multitude and moved to stand alongside Michael.

“David, your assistance to Michael during the recent troubles has not gone unnoticed. The two of you worked very well together,” the Lord paused as He looked from David to Michael. “I appoint David as your second in command, your Watchtower. The two of you will pick twelve angels as Pillars, to watch over certain sections of the Earth. They are to report back any sightings or activity of the evil one and his servants,” said the Lord to Michael.

“Yes Lord, let Your will be done,” Michael and David replied.

They then bowed, first to the Lamb and then to the Lord of Lords.

The Lord noticed a puzzled expression on David’s face and asked him about it: “Does something trouble you about this David?”

David looked up to the Lord and said, “Yes Lord. Why the Earth? It is desolate and flat, dark…” he paused for a moment, “and only water.”

The Lord looked at the Lamb knowingly. He turned back to David and replied so all could hear, “Very soon you will all help me to mould the Earth, shape it and make something more of it. It will be a place of wonder and sorrow, beauty and ugliness. It will contain our greatest achievements and biggest disappointments. That is all that shall be said, for now.”

The Lamb turned to the Lord and spoke loudly enough for all the angels to hear. He asked the Lord, “Was banishment to Earth enough for the evil one, my Lord?”

“Yes,” replied the Lord, “for he still has his part to play in the world to come. He will be back and he will try to upset my plans,” the Lord paused for a moment, “but only I know what they really are.”


Friday, March 22, 2002

Daintree Rainforest, north of Port Douglas, along the coast of Northern Queensland

Glen Niman stopped the four-wheel drive that he had hired. He left the power running so that he could still have the air-conditioning and music on. He had brought his own CDs with him from Sydney and he was listening to one of his favourite Michael W. Smith songs. It was nearly over so he took the opportunity to look around while he listened. When the song finished, he turned the keys and removed them from the ignition. He stepped out of the air-conditioned four-wheel drive and into the tropical heat of the rainforest. Straight away he felt uneasy and unhappy. But it wasn’t the heat that bothered Glen, not that he liked the closed-in, sticky feel to the air. It wasn’t the sudden deluge of noises from the dripping of water, to the pounding of the waves in the distance; in fact that was kind of calming. Even though the lack of trees in certain spots and the darkness ahead concerned him, this wasn’t what was really making him feel uneasy. It was the fence and the guard that blocked the road ahead of him that was making him feel this way.

“Dear God, what is this world coming too?” Glen prayed under his breath to himself, as he walked towards the guard.

What Glen couldn’t see was that four big, ugly, warty, filthy demons and one little demon were perched on the fence next to the guard. But Glen’s guardian angel, Kyle, could see them and they could see him. Kyle had been sitting on the roof of the four-wheel drive since they left their apartment in Cairns. As Glen approached the guard, Kyle stayed where he was so that he could be as non-threatening as possible. He was, however, watching the demons very closely, with his hand resting on his sword, just in case. The presence of the demons was a bit of a surprise to Kyle but it didn’t worry him. He had faced demons bigger than this before. Beyond the fence and further up the road, Kyle could see a huge black mass moving which could only be hundreds of demons. He wondered why there were so many. “Is one of The Seven here?” he thought to himself.

As he approached the guard, Glen looked beyond the fence and saw darkness, as if the sun was blocked out by something. He then looked straight up and he saw clear sky overhead. Not a cloud anywhere. He checked his watch. It was nearly 1 p.m. “Why is it so dark ahead?” he thought.

“Hello. Nice day, isn’t it?” Glen said to the guard as he came closer to him. “Dear Lord, please send your angels to watch over me, to guide me and protect me,” he prayed, as he got nearer.

Kyle got down and came over to walk next to Glen, with his hands away from the sword at his side, and stopped next to Glen when he stopped.

The demons looked at each other and the little one came forward, landing on the guard’s shoulders and placing its hands on the guard’s head. “Stop, you’re not permitted any further,” the demon spoke to Kyle.

“Stop, you’re not permitted any further,” the guard said to Glen in a broad outback accent.

“Can you direct me to the site manager please? I have an appointment. My name is Glen Niman and I am a reporter from The Gazette. He is expecting me.”

“And I go where he goes,” Kyle said to the demon.

“No angels allowed!” came the brusque reply from the demon.

“No reporters allowed!” came the brusque reply from the guard.

“Listen ah… sorry I didn’t get your name?” Glen asked.

“I didn’t give it to you,” another brusque reply from the guard.

There was a slight pause as Glen stopped and looked at the guard. “There is no need to be rude,” he said, as he looked at the guard. “Lord, please give me strength,” he prayed silently.

“Stop that, no praying!” the demon shouted as he grew physically agitated.

In a flash of light Kyle had drawn his sword and pointed it at the demon, the tip inches from his throat. The demons reached for their weapons in response but the one in front waved them down.

“You are called Persuasion, are you not?” Kyle asked the demon.

“I am,” Persuasion replied, a little shakily.

“Release his mind and allow him to talk for himself, please,” Kyle emphasised his request by poking Persuasion with the tip of the sword.

“Look, as I said, reporters are not welcome here and I’m not giving you my name. You’re not going to blame me in some crummy article where you bad mouth us because I won’t let you in.” The guard sounded like he was trying to give an excuse, not an explanation.

“That’s better,” Kyle said, lowering the sword enough that Persuasion leaned backwards and got off the guard, only to hover slightly behind him, while looking at Kyle with daggers in his eyes.

“You have no authority here, I could have you killed for that,” Persuasion warned Kyle icily. He then turned and joined the other demons.

Glen was getting curious now. “Okay, I understand, but I do have an appointment. I organised it with Mr Guzman before I left Sydney. Here is the letter he sent me, advising me of the time and place of our meeting. It even includes directions on how to get here,” Glen explained, as he took the letter from his pocket and held it out towards the guard. He didn’t mention that Henry Guzman was a friend from high school who had invited him up to talk about strange things that had happened in and around the site.

“Pass the letter to him,” Kyle encouraged Glen. To himself he said, “I hope the Holy Spirit is sending for more protection to help Glen in this situation.” He shuddered at the thought of entering the darkness ahead. Persuasion was right: he didn’t have authority here in the enemy’s territory and it was only the two of them. It wasn’t the first time that they had been in enemy territory, only there had never been so many demons and just one angel.

“Such a congestion of evil spirits must indicate a leader. It must be one of The Seven, but which one? It doesn’t really matter I suppose. How can I protect Glen if we enter in there? I do not know if we could survive an encounter alone with a ‘leader’, especially if it is one of The Seven, not to mention all of these foul servants of his with him. But, if it is the Lord’s will that we enter such a place, then we shall do it,” he thought to himself. “Surely we have to survive long enough to pass on this information to the Captain? Michael must know of this den and its location.”

“You’ve been had mister,” the guard said looking at the letter in Glen’s hand, not even bothering to reach for it. “Mr Guzman is not even here! He was called back to Sydney for some reason. He left early yesterday.”

“Oh, um, okay. Well, thanks for your time,” Glen said, feeling a little disappointed. He started to turn but had another idea. “Would there be anyone else I could talk too? A public relations consultant perhaps?”

“All PR is run out of Sydney. Occasionally one comes up to Cairns but we never see them out here.”

“Would you know when Mr Guzman is due back?”

“Don’t even know if he will be back, if you know what I mean.”

Kyle watched while Persuasion came forward. Persuasion rested a hand on the guard’s head again. Realising that this was the end of it, he returned his sword to its sheath but did not remove his hand from it.

“Now go away! I’m done letting him talk to you!” Persuasion spat, as he placed his hand on his weapon too.

“Now clear off! I’m done talkin’ to ya now!” The guard spat, as he put his hand on the butt of his gun.

Glen got the feeling that the guard’s gun was the only thing that would talk from here on if he asked any more questions. “Thanks again for all your help.”

“He thinks I helped ’im,” the guard laughed, as Glen turned and headed back to the car.

“Lord, thank you for your protection, but can I ask why you got me this far, only to have the door shut in my face?” Glen prayed as he walked. “Surely you have a greater purpose in my being here? Will you open my eyes and show me, please Lord? Let your will be done, Amen.”

Kyle walked beside Glen, listening to his prayer and added an Amen of his own. He whispered words of encouragement to Glen and prayed for understanding too. The further the two of them got from the fence, and the demons, the better they both felt. “The Spirit is moving,” Kyle thought. He looked back over his shoulder at the darkness and the leering faces of Persuasion and his fellow demons at the fence. Kyle, getting a sudden impulse, spoke to Glen. “Quick, turn around and look at what God would like you to see.”

Glen, used to receiving these sudden, strange urges, stopped and turned around to stare at the fence, the gate and beyond. He looked up to the sky again, to try to see why it was so dark over there.

In the distance, high above the building site, both Glen and Kyle could see a glow in the sky. It was getting bigger and brighter, as if it were coming closer. It was moving so fast, that Glen thought it must be a meteorite. His brain was telling him to run but his spirit was telling him to watch.

Kyle recognised the glow and his keen eyes could see the shape of an angel, sword drawn, diving alone, down towards the enemy.

The demons had also spotted it now. They too, recognised the glow of an angel, descending full speed towards them. A few of them scattered and hid. The rest stayed and drew their swords ready for a fight.

Glen heard the collective swords being drawn but did not know what had made the noise. He looked back at the building site to see if he could pick out what made it. He noticed the dull red colour of the swords glinting through the darkness but he couldn’t comprehend what he was seeing. He couldn’t make out any shapes. Glen looked up again. The light was drawing nearer. He looked back down. It looked as if the darkness was waiting to swallow it up. He looked up once again — the glow was nearer. It was getting closer and closer all the time. He was becoming hypnotised; he could not take his eyes off it. Then, with only metres to spare, there was a loud sound, like a clap of thunder and the light turned sharply and shot off out to sea.

And the darkness followed it.


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