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Unseen Help

You ever have one of those days were things just seem to go right? Or a stranger appears almost out of nowhere at just the right moment to help you? Or maybe the opposite, you get every red light when your in a hurry? Or nothing seems to go right and you write it off as one of those days? I have, and when these things happen, I stop and wonder if there are unseen forces at work and if they are working for my benefit or not. You know what I mean?

I once experienced the every red light scenario and found that near the end of the journey their was an accident. It made me wonder if there were angels looking after me. Maybe, if I hadn’t been caught up by the red lights, it might have been me in that accident. At that moment, I usually thank God for my safety and pray for the people in the accident.

Do you get what I’m talking about? Angels, or even demons, watching us, helping or hindering us. Being a positive person, I tend to lean toward the angels helping. But I have had conversations with friends who suggest that maybe it’s demons trying to get me in trouble, or, as in the example of the red lights above, make me late so that someone else is angry with me.

Have you experienced stuff like that? I can remember, as a teenager doing work experience, I had trouble with moving a metal bar. I was using a cutting machine to cut it into smaller pieces to make weights. It got stuck and I could not move it. After about 5 minutes of frustration, I prayed for help moving it and on the next try, it moved as if it was light as a feather. Did I get stronger? No. Did I have help? I like to think so.

It wasn’t long after that experience when I read ‘This Present Darkness’ by Frank E Perretti. Even though I always believed that God was with me always, the idea that His angels were there too kind of surprised me and comforted me. It gave me a different outlook on what was happening around me. How much of what we see and do could be attributed to the influence of the spiritual world? I know lots of people would disagree and argue that there isn’t anything out there. There are others who would say they believe in spiritual influences but it’s not angels or demons. They would say it’s ghosts (dead relatives acting as guardian angels), or a universal energy that follows karmic forces – do good and good will happen etc. I have a friend who is not spiritual (that I know of) and doesn’t go to church but does believe in angels. She has told me about some experiences she has had where she thinks angels were involved and left white feathers behind to let her know they had been there.

With such experiences, can we doubt the spiritual realm exists? With the tales of help, like strangers stopping to change a tyre and then disappearing, or the feeling that someone is watching you, or even someone asking who you were with when you’ve been alone the whole time, how can we doubt it?

I don’t.

That’s why I chose to write ‘The Eden Conflict’. Hopefully, I can open some eyes to show others that this world we live in is bigger than we think, that there is a spiritual realm all around us and it is influencing what we do.

Have you had experiences you can’t explain? Why not tell me about them…

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