14 Days Until Christmas 2015

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14 Days Until Christmas 2015

There are only 14 days until Christmas 2015! That’sOur Tree 2010 13 sleeps for those that haven’t got kids counting down. Last week I posted about why, as a Christian, I still think Christmas is OK to celebrate. Today, I am going to talk about why, as a father, that I love Christmas and enjoy celebrating.

I worked in retail for over a decade before I ever had kids. I enjoyed being in a large store but over time I began to dread the Christmas season. Oh, I got more hours of work during that time and it was always busy but each year the decorations seemed to go up and the carols started to get played earlier and earlier. Towards the end of my time in retail, IĀ got engaged and married. Christmas then became about juggling who was seen when. You know what I mean, whose family did we spendĀ lunch and dinner with. One year we went to lunch 45 mins north of where we lived and dinner two hours south. In the end, I wasn’t enjoying Christmas as much. Which is why, one year, I volunteered to work Christmas day. The pay was appealing too, but it was more about trying to get away from it all. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed it a little, but a lot of what I saw was greed and materialism.

That all changed in 2003 when my first child was born.2003 As Christmas rolled around that year, I started to get a feeling of excitement. I hadn’t worked in retail for about 2 years and tried to do my shopping earlier so I didn’t see the stores or all the mad rush. Now, my daughter was only 8 months old, but I could start to feel the change. Christmas was starting to be fun again. Each year following that, I got a bit more excited and started to have that joy that we sing about come back. Now, I have three little ones to buy for, ranging from 3 to 12 and the wonder of Christmas fills me as I experience it with each one of them. I have even been playing Christmas carols in the car on and off over the last 2 weeks!

I’ll admit that things were a little difficult when I first 2008separated from my wife. All family related holidays were tough. But, as with all things when separated, you work out a system or roster and then just have to get used to the changes. It’s still not easy at times, but the joy and wonder that fills the kids can be very contagious and ends up being something that I look forward too.

Now, in 2015, I have a girlfriend who has a daughter and that means my ‘family’ is larger again. Christmas is going to be great!

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