Month: November 2015

The home for the book series by Peter Way

God’s Warriors Official Site becomes the only site!

Hello friends, I have just posted my last post on the blog site –¬† This site, God’s Warriors Official site is now the only one for my blogs. Why have I done this? It’s simple really. The WordPress based site doesn’t report properly on traffic and visitors or index properly with search engines and the…
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Thoughts on the Paris Attacks

I was shocked Saturday morning when I turned on the TV and saw the live footage and heard the reports of the attacks. My prayers automatically went out to the French people and my heart ached for those who had been hurt by this horrible event. It still does. Throughout the day I kept checking…
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Paul Colman has one… do you?

A little under three years ago, I got to meet one of my music ‘heroes’, Paul Colman. He performed at a local church with two other artists, Adam Agee and Scott Darlow. It was a great show with great performances but the highlight for me was when Paul asked if he could swap me a…
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