God’s Warriors Official Site becomes the only site!

The home for the book series by Peter Way

God’s Warriors Official Site becomes the only site!

Hello friends,

I have just posted my last post on the blog site – godswarriorsbooks.wordpress.com. This site, God’s Warriors Official site is now the only one for my blogs.

Why have I done this?

It’s simple really. The WordPress based site doesn’t report properly on traffic and visitors or index properly with search engines and the themes/templates also have restrictions as to what can be used with them. Or in other words, everything I can do there, I can do here but not everything I can do here can be done there.

What have I done then?

Well, all the pages and posts have been imported to here, so it should all look very similar, if not exactly the same. I have also migrated all the subscriptions over.

What do you have to do?

Nothing. If all goes correctly, everything should continue as normal for you. You will still get these posts emailed to you when I publish them.

What will happen to the godswarriorsbooks.wordpress.com site?

It will have all the content removed apart from the last post advising of the move. After that, it will just sit there for awhile until I decide what is next for that site. I will probably remove it altogether eventually.

What’s next?

Keep an eye out here or in your email for new posts coming from me. Everything should just keep going as normal.


You may or may not have noticed some ads starting to appear on this site. These are called affiliate links. If you click on them and purchase anything, not necessarily my books, I will get a commission from Amazon on the purchase. This is a small way of making some extra cash to allow me to keep writing. So, please, if you want to purchase something from Amazon, come back here and click on the links first.


Thank you all for your ongoing support. Thanks especially to Rachel Reeves who got me up and going with the other site.

May God bless you all as we get closer to Christmas.

Peter Way


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