Personal Updates and Prayer Requests

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Personal Updates and Prayer Requests


It’s that time of year again… and I don’t mean Christmas this time. My Cancer check-up is due in a weeks time and I am having a scan tomorrow to make sure everything is still clear. This is a bit of an anxious time for me. Even though I feel great and haven’t had any issues, I still have a small voice in the back of my head going… but what if…? I fight it. It’s not something that I want to let out and take over because that’s not me. But… what if? See! It still tries to get a hold of me. I’m sure that everything will be fine but I can’t help worrying when I stop to think about it. So… some prayer support would be greatly appreciated (and letting me know that your thinking of me would be too – either through the comments below or however you want to do that).

Another year has passed and I’m still here blogging and writing¬†(more than ever). It’s not easy trying to be a full time writer and I have started to venture into other areas of the internet to help create an income that will allow me to keep doing this. I’m talking about Internet Marketing. That’s what the ads are on this site and my new blog – My Favourite Video Games. I’m also leaning towards creating another site about the Internet Marketing plan that I’ve found and am following. Stay tuned for more info or if you are seriously looking for a way to make some extra money from home then send me a message or leave a comment below.

In terms of Book Writing, that is still progressing too. I am still editing the short story that I have recently written based on a friends screen play. We have some agreements to sort out before I can publish this too so that is causing a minor delay. I have been working on Book 2 of the God’s Warriors series but it hasn’t been my main focus lately. One book at a time! If anyone would like to have a read/edit of the short story (it’s about Golf) then let me know and I can send you a copy (again, leave a comment or message me).

One of the things I’ve learnt from my lessons on Internet Marketing is that most of these web-sites live by the amount of traffic they get. That is mainly controlled by the search engines. The only way to get ranked for the search engines to trust an site enough to recommend it in the search engines is through trust. The way to gain trust is to have followers, comments and likes. So please, if you like what you read here on my web-site (or on my other one), then please leave me a comment or just click on the like symbol below.




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