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Quick Note

Happy New Year! 2016 is now officially here. I’ve been sick with a cold for the last week and a bit so I haven’t seen or done much so far this year. While I’m feeling a bit clearer in the head I thought I’d try to put a quick post out to say Hi and let you know that I’m still here. I’ve been playing on the PS4 mostly (head over to my other site for more info on that) but have managed to see the new Star Wars movie and watch a bit of TV too.

This isn’t the place for it but those that know me know that I love Star Wars. I wouldn’t say I’m a really big fan as I don’t do the costume thing but I like the movies, books, comics and had a lot of the figures as a kid. So, I think I need to give my reaction to the new movie. I enjoyed it… but didn’t love it and really don’t think it’s a Star Wars movie. Sorry, it’s what I feel, I can’t really explain it good enough but all those things that made the series of movies what it is, isn’t in it. Even the prequels still had the Star Wars feel even if I didn’t like all the characters or the quality of the acting (which I blame on the directing not the actors). I will say this, that even though it felt like it was a remake of the original movie with parts of the rest of the trilogy added in, I am excited to see what they do next as they can’t possible repeat anything else that’s already been done. Seeing it a second time didn’t change my mind either. Maybe if I see it again?

Enough of that. I found this pic today and loved it so I added it here and used it as the featured image. It got me thinking about angels and how weangel-749625_1280 perceive them. Most of us don’t see angels as warriors or fighters. Typically, we see angels as those baby faced statues or paintings that have been done throughout history, as singers that praise God or as that ornament on the Christmas tree. But that’s not how I see them as I read about them in the Bible. I see strong, amazing beings that don’t only praise God but also fight for Him, protecting us and His creation. They spread the word of the Lord and they can be tender carers too, watching over us when we are sick or injured. The one thing that they do not do, is seek their own glorification. They do everything for God and nothing for themselves. That’s what I have tried to portray them as in The Eden Conflict and continue to do in book two of the God’s Warriors series. (Check out the sample chapters on this site if your interested in reading what I’ve written or go to Amazon and purchase a copy for yourself).

Want to tell me what you think about The Force Awakens or Angels? Leave me a comment below.



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