Quick Update

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Quick Update

Hello friends,2016-02-12 10.42.08

It’s been awhile since my last meaningful post and could still be a little way off. The reason for this is that I have been studying. I’m in the middle of a Cert III in Accounts Administration, which is a different direction for me. I’m doing well with it, it’s not easy and it’s not hard either. Most of it I understand as I have a strong background of maths in high school and the computer programs we’ve used so far I’ve either worked with lots in my IT related fields.

Unfortunately, it means my writing and other projects have taken a back seat for the moment. I will get┬áback to them eventually, but not in the immediate future. I did have a Golf story almost ready to publish but it’s based off of a friends screen play… which he wrote with someone else… who has changed it lots since my friend gave it to me… so they don’t think I should go ahead with publishing it. I’m trying to work something out with them since it’s almost an unrelated piece now (only the names and basic plot are similar). Who knows? I might get it out there eventually. I’d hate to think that I wasted all that time on it for nothing.

Well, that’s enough for now… God Bless, keep well and hope to have something else up here for you to read soon!

Peter Way


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